AKA Design Company


AKA Design Company started in 2018 by Kassandra Knopf. 

Kass/Kassie (as she is known around here) wanted gifts for her children's unique names, but found it wildly expensive to shop on Etsy all of the time.

So she dove in to crafting and found not only a fun hobby, but a passion!

Kassie is a proud military wife, Mom of 3, and avid rose gold and sugar skull lover.

She loves to sing in her kitchen while cooking a delicious meal and is so obsessed with Friends the tv show that she watches it almost every night!

When she is not busy chasing her children, or crafting, she can be found outdoors hiking and fishing or drinking craft beers at breweries from the local areas they visit. 

Kass gets bored easily so don’t be surprised if you don’t recognize her when she changes hair colors, it happens often!